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Since the introduction of the AJ Ones in 1984, the Jordan brand of sneakers and clothes have transcended sports apparel and become a staple in fashionable street wear.

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CP3 came to ball

Posted On: 2016-04-16 19:56:53
The CPE VIII are a comfortable shoe with high quality finish typical of products of the Jordan brand. The quality finish is present in the details of the shoe, such as the laces are come with reinforced tips. The shoe is quite heavy and does ventilate well, which isn't an issue for everyday wear, however probably would be an issue if you were an NBA player playing a full game. The shoes come in several colours. The red/pink colour variant I purchased is very eye catching and may draw attention from your outfit and make them difficult to match with an outfit. Also the heavy heel and rounded toe make it difficult to pair with long pants or trousers, but then they were designed to be worn with a basketball outfit!
Jordan CP3 VIII AE "Away"
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